Shandong Yixiang Pharmaceutical Invested in New Veterinary Drug API Projects Including (florfenicol, Ceftiofur, Amoxicillin Sodium, Etc.)


Shandong Yixiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s 1,500 tons/year pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates project products are veterinary drug raw materials. The product plan is: 200tons florfenicol/year ,30tons o-chlorbenzin penicillin /year, 30tons Sand blasting penicillin /year, 100tons ceftiofur sodium/year, 500tons tilmicosin phosphate/year,100tons amoxicillin sodium/year, 100tons ampicillin sodium/year, 40tons cefquinoxime sulfate /year,200tons calcium carbasalate /year , and 200tons cefotaxime project /year.

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