Serving partner with intergrity by providing professional service and qualified products.

PNF Ingredients GmbH--a specialty chemicals distributor who is focusing on organizing global resource, especially Asian supply chains, provides comprehensive sales coverage to the Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food & Beverage and fine chemicals.
The PNF's real advantage is the reputation for integrity and its real value lies in:

. Effective operation to ensure competitive sale price.

. Focus on being a “bespoke” supplier to each European customers.

. One-Station Supply Chain Management.

. Qualified Manufacturers and Products.

. Contract Manufacturing.

. Market and Product Trend Knowledge.

. Excellent Paperwork Services.

. EU Local Stock for Quick Delivery.

Based on our excellent supply chains and transportation system, we bring the top ingredients globally to the nearby customers' facilities at minimum running cost. Our people visit and audit each partnered manufacturers for guaranteeing our ingredients are qualified, certified and the most competitive.

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